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Shopping Spree

a retail-focus
social enterprise

We're not just another business Incubator

empowering bold entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurship ecosystem needs bold creators and disruptors like you. We sincerely have hope that by combining your passion, vision and persistency with our network of partners, subject matter expert mentors and program curriculum, anything is possible. Start reaching your full potential with any of our programs.

why we're different.

Our vision is built around UN's SDG Goal #5 Gender Equality. Learn key reasons why Founders choose us over others.

data-driven to build 100%

business structure.

We're invested in your success; every program masterclass topics are carefully selected to help you  build a solid business structure that will last the test of time.

learn from the

best in retail.

Participants learn from the best; those who knows the retail business industry better than anyone.

present products to several

big box store buyers in one


We accept only a Max of 30-35 participants into our program. We select only the best and we present them to our big box store partners.

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