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2023 Annual Retail Conference
+ Tradeshow

WHERE: Grande Prairie, Alberta
WHEN: Friday August 25th - Saturday 26th
TIME: 10am to 5pm MDT

it starts with a bold decision

a BOLD MOVE to grow UNAFRAID in 2023 and beyond

a Bold Move to build capacity for your brand, yourself and your team. Building capacity helps you to sustain growth and to raise the bar.

a Bold Move to build solid network needed for your brand expansion. Identifying the right partnership, support, and collaboration is key ingredient to brand survival.

a Bold Move to build your expertise by being a part of an organization that supports women entrepreneurs and provide a forum for growth, mentorship and financing.

“Women entrepreneurs are constantly creating new bridges, breaking glass ceilings, innovating the next great idea and leading Canada’s small and medium enterprise that aids economic development and growth. The conference UNAFRAID is an in-person platform to unite women entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship ecosystem to learn from one another, work together, and move each other forward by sharing our UNAFRAID vision, approach and intentions for equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth for the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Ejibola Headshot _Small.jpg

Ejibola Adetokunbo-Taiwo

Founder & Principal Consultant, Sedulous Women Leaders

Get a
+Vendor Booth
Before It’s sold Out ‘‘UNAFRAID 2023
How will you attend?
Is this your first time attending our conference?

$100 per in-person Attendee

$250 per Attendee+Booth

$50 per Virtual Attendee

$950 per Table for 10 Attendees

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