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REAP+iLaunchHERproduct is Canada's first retail readiness incubator for ALL categories of consumer packaged goods (CPGs), this incubator program for early-stage CPG companies is structured for brands looking to better understand retail, big chain store retail dynamics, and getting products into big chain stores in Canada and abroad. It’s designed to help historically under-resourced founders be the next wave of wealth-building companies.

SEASON 4 - Class of 2024/25

Please read all details about the program  below, before completing your registration 

1st Cohort Registration starts April 30th, 2024. Registration closes November 15th, 2024.
- Meet and Greet is November 19th, 2024     -
Masterclasses starts November 22nd, 2024


- Beauty and Skincare

- Baby products

- Books (lifestyle, educational) and Stationery (Office supply)

- Home Decor and Storage

- Clothing, Fashion and Accessories

- Food and Beverages

- Kids Toys and Games

- Kitchenware

- Sport and Recreation

- Pets and Grooming products

- Cleaning and Laundry products

- Feminine Hygiene and Undergarments

- Any other retail products not listed above


The program model is geared towards bringing retail concept to live by having facilitators from big box stores, entrepreneur serving organizations, successful entrepreneurs teach and share from their expertise and experience, the training model style also leverage the power of peer learning. This is achieved through a user-friendly learning platform that enables participants to easily navigate the program content to achieve learning objectives.


The program outcome is to help women entrepreneurs scale business through retail. If they can get their products into big chain stores that has huge walk-in traffic, the high probability to increase sales.

Every participant leave the program with a BCS and PLS - a resume that helps you present your product.

Participants go through a 13 weeks Masterclass in the 1st phase of the program to acquire retail-related knowledge and skills, then, they move on to the 2nd phase to present their products to several buyers from big box store program partners across Canada. THIS IS A GUARANTEE !!


We realize some of our participants would require extra business support, mentorship, coaching outside of the masterclass; we've therefore made provision for such participants to have access to our business strategy consulting services.

Click HERE for more details

the criteria.

We’re looking for future retail-shapers of all kinds, but there are a few important things that we want to see from applicants. Final selections of participants will also be made based on team/CEO, brand assortment, innovation pipeline, traction and potential for brand growth.

  • A founder must be 18+

  • The category of participants admitted into the program are immigrant women entrepreneur, black women entrepreneur, and women of color entrepreneurs

  • Must have a registered business operating in Canada

  • Must own at least 51% share of your business

  • Must currently have a physical product that is available to sell

  • Cannot be a business in bankrupt

  • Must be a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company focused on growth and scaling for mass retail

  • Desire to actively collaborate, support and connect with other CEOs in the program

  • Must currently sell direct-to-consumer (DTC) online, in specialty stores or have limited brick-and-mortar presence (<50 stores)

  • Ideally have less than five employees

  • Ideally have lifetime revenue of $5,000 – $500,000

  • Ideally have limited manufacturing and supply chain capabilities


Note: Meeting all criteria does not guarantee acceptance into the REAP+iLaunchHERproduct program. Acceptance does not guarantee business with our big box store partners and supporters.

key details.

Take a look at the program details to learn what to expect


  • 13-weeks virtual incubator masterclasses (Phase 1)

  • Creation and submission of Business Capability Statement (BCS) and Product Line Sheet (PLS)

  • Product Pitch Prep (One month after Masterclasses)

  • Masterclasses are mostly scheduled every Friday mostly from 5-7pm MDT

  • Buyer + Vendor Connect (this is when participants present their products to big box store buyers - this is Phase 2)


  • There are 3 cohorts in a year

  • 30-35 participants are accepted into each cohort

  • Up to 2 members of each company can join, 1 must be the CEO

  • During all 13 weeks, at least 1 CEO needs to attend all required 13 masterclasses

  • Maximum participation is required in class

  • Participants are expected to have their camera on at all times in class

  • All participants are added to the group/cohort discussion platform to enhance networking and due communication


  • The program cost $6,500 per participants but thanks to our supporting partners, this program comes FREE at no cost to participants

  • However, participants are required to pay an application fee of $500 only - this fee allows us to ship to you (a) the student course program booklet (b) student welcome kits (c) cover shipping cost


  • To help us enhance the quality of our program, topics, and facilitators, participants are expected to complete 4 short program surveys

  • After participants meet the buyers in phase 2, they are expected to partake in a mandatory feedback interview

  • Successful participants who gets approved to have further conversation with any buyer, will also meet with the Founder for regular updates until their products gets on the shelf of big chain stores.

the curriculum.

Each week you’ll dive deep into relevant retail topics facilitated by subject matter experts in the retail industry. Learn from experts, get mentorship and receive thoughtful feedbacks in class.

Attend optional office hours business consulting with Founder in Resident - Business Strategy Consultant if participants need help with their brand structure.

End the program by presenting your company product during a Buyer+Vendor Connect Session. Plus, leave with a Business Capability Statement and Product Line Sheet a custom guided business resume on how to prepare your business for retail.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

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